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Distance Learning

DUI Classes
and Victims Panel

Classes at Court Referral Services are designed to help the participant identify alcohol or drug abuse, and provide the personal tools to help reduce these behaviors. Educators will provide facts and information that encourage responsible choices. Additionally, we will also help define legal sanctions and judicial expectations.

During our Victims Panel speakers connect with offenders to share their personal DUI experiences that tragically ended in devastation. 


Level 0.5, 8-16 hours: DUI/Alcohol/Drug Education with Victims Panel included

  • Alcohol: Effects on Body and Brain Chemistry and the overall psychological influence

  • Alcohol / Substance Abuse: Addictive Behaviors vs. Socially Accepted Behavior

  • Understanding Current DUI / ALCOHOL / DRUG Laws

  • Attitude Adjustment / Behavior Modification / Thinking Errors / Relapse Prevention

  • Victims Panel: Real-life accounts of how driving under the influence impacts lives.


DUI/Alcohol/Drug Education classes take place online via Zoom.

Our Victims Panel is a live event held at the Convention Center of the Best Western.


  • 2 Hour Victims Panel: $35

  • 8 Hour Alcohol / Intoxicants Education: $100

  • 4 Hour Thinking Errors $75

  • LEVEL 0.5 [16 HR Alcohol / Intoxicants Education] incl. Victims Panel:  $200

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